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"I was making my first costume and I knew very little when I brought my own design to Shelly.  She was not only respectful of what I wanted, she was really excited about making it work!  The process of buying the materials, explaining what I wanted and fitting the costume until it was done was really enjoyable due to Shelly's easy personality and love for what she does.  Her craftsmanship is admirable and reliable - the costume is so solidly built that I can dance comfortably and confidently."
Heidi- First Client

"Because Shelly has been dancing in the industry for 10 years, she understands how to make a costume conducive to the dance. Her costumes fitwell (nothing falls out) and her artistry captures the unique beauty of each dancer. Shelly makes a beautiful costume at a beautiful price."
Eden Fieldstone - Dancer

"The first time I appeared in my new costume (by Bab's Designs), I received literally dozens of compliments on its beauty and artistry. But what really impresses me about Shelly is that she works with you throughout the whole design process. She doesn't just sew a carbon copy costume, but strives to create a piece that reflects your individual tastes. As a result, her designs embrace the true spirit of each dancer. Magnifique!"
Judy Reynolds - Actress


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